Chianti Classico
Gran Selezione


“Our Gran Selezione”

Instituted by the Chianti Classico consortium in 2014,
the Gran Selezione label marks out wines that can
truly aspire to excellence. First bottled in 2018,
Tenuta Casenuove’s own Gran Selezione is a superb
wine of great finesse, among the most authentic and
noble expressions of this unique terroir.

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Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Monaco, Austria, Finland, United Kingdom, Switzerland.
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Grape Varieties
100% Sangiovese
In the Vineyard

Our Gran Selezione vines grow on the estate’s most prized soils, red
limestone clays of marine origin, rich in galestro rosso schist. Facing
south and south-west, they benefit from cooling breezes and a wide
diurnal temperature range. Hand harvesting takes place between the end
of September and the first ten days of October, depending on
the individual plot and the climactic conditions. The grapes undergo a
tripartite manual selection process: first in the vineyard and twice
more in the cellar before they are lowered gently into the vats.

In the Cellar

Controlled-temperature vinification in raw concrete tanks
guarantees stability in the wine’s first stage. Maceration lasts for up
to a month, with pumping over and racking to extract and purify.
The wine then ages for 20 months in large Slavonian oak casks.
Once in the bottle, the wine is left to mature for 36 months.

Tasting Notes

The pinnacle of Sangiovese expression on an estate where this
archetypal Tuscan variety gives its all, the Gran Selezione displays an
intense, deep ruby-red hue. Wild violets, wild berries and preserved
cherries catch our aromatic attention at first, but soon more
complex notes of tobacco leaf and undergrowth emerge,
accompanied by citrus and vanilla. The sip is taut, elegant and
extremely well-balanced, with a seductive, extremely refined tannic
texture, silky and dry, one of a higher class. This is a constantly
evolving wine of notable longevity.


The wines of Tenuta Casenuove have garnered a series of international
plaudits and awards.