Olive Oil
Tuscany’s Green Gold

Tenuta di Casenuove’s extra-virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from olive trees that grow on this estate in the heart of the Chianti Classico zone.

In Europe we deliver to:
Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Monaco, Austria, Finland, United Kingdom, Switzerland.
To order from other countries, please contact us

Our Olive Trees

Covering two and a half acres, the olive grove is farmed entirely according to certified organic methods. No artificial fertilizers are used, intensive methods are shunned, while non-invasive pruning takes place regularly in line with the traditional local ‘conic vase’ system, which allows us to avoid radical cuts and use hand pruners almost exclusively.

After Harvesting

Olives are harvest by hand, with the harvest period being chosen to prioritise the oil’s aromatic and sensory qualities rather than the yield by weight. After being carefully washed and dried, the olives are pressed between 12 and 24 hours after being picked, at temperatures that never exceed 27°C. Each parcel of olives is filtered separately according to the particular olive grove plot and the harvest time. Final assembly takes place after technical tasting of the various samples and chemical analysis to ensure the oil meets our rigorous standards.

The oil is stored in oxygen-free containers until bottling and packaging stage, when it is ready to enjoy in all its natural goodness.

Tasting Notes
Tenuta di Casenuove extra-virgin olive oil is of an intense green hue with glints of gold. It displays typical notes of artichoke and freshly gathered herbs. With a real bite in its youth, it maintains a high level of polyphenols that give it a pleasantly bitter finish. All these factors contribute to the oil’s strong character and guarantee its longevity. Our olive oil is not only delicious, but decidedly good for you.

The wines of Tenuta Casenuove have garnered a series of international
plaudits and awards.